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四川美术学院院长 庞茂琨
Pang Maokun, The head of Sichuan Fine Art Institute

  庞茂琨,1963年生于重庆,1985年四川美术学院油画系毕业,1988年获硕士学位并开始任教于四川美术学院油画系。现为四川美术学院院长、教授,重庆画院院长,重庆美术家协会副主席,中国美术家协会理事,中国美术家协会油画艺委会副主任,中国油画学会理事 。


1974~2016年 庞茂琨肖像
Photo of Pang Maokun 1974--2016

  1983年的庞茂琨的作品《苹果熟了》一举成名,成为现实主义风格的代表性人物。之后在从事四川美术学院学术教育上卓有建树、也在油画创作上,不断对自己的手法、材料和方法提出质疑,2010年创造出带有戏剧性和挑战性的系列:《沉溺》 、《光耀》 、《巧合》等,打破绘画语言的秩序,颠覆约定俗成的符号隐喻。

香脸轻匀,黛眉巧画宫妆浅 双蝶绣罗裙。

庞茂琨 Pang Maokun
沉溺之一 Indulgence No.1
布面油画 Oil on canvas
110×150cm 2011

庞茂琨 Pang Maokun
沉溺之三 Indulgence No.3
布面油画 Oil on canvas
110×150cm 2011


庞茂琨 Pang Maokun
沉溺之四 Indulgence No.4
布面油画 Oil on canvas
160×200cm 2011

  “关键是凝视,那是一种发自内心的审视,一种自我反省,一种向外探求。有趣的是,在这凝视的目标下,庞茂琨着重表达的是一系列的女性。在他的大量作品中,女性占据了显著的位置,从早期描绘彝族女性到后期描绘城市女性,尽管对象的身份有了重大变化,但隐含其间的一种观望,一种凝视,一种反省,却一直主宰着艺术家的思维。”— 杨小彦

庞茂琨 Pang Maokun
邂逅之二 Encounter No.2
布面油画 Oil on canvas
180x260cm 2010

庞茂琨 Pang Maokun
镜花缘之六 Romance of Mirrored Flower NO.6
布面油画 Oil on canvas
160x120cm 2014


庞茂琨工作室照片 Photo of Pang Maokun’s studio

庞茂琨工作室照片    Photo of Pang Maokun’s studio

Pang Maokun| Gazing at Spectacles

Born in 1963 in Chongqing, Pang Maokun graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1985 and received his master degree in 1988. He is the head of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the Vice Chairman of Chongqing Artists Association and the committee member of China Oil Painting Society.

In 1983, his work Apples are Ripe was a great success and he became one of the leading painters of realistic paintings in China. During the following years, he was not only successful in teaching at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, but also trying to apply some new methodologies and techniques to his paintings. In 2010, he created a dramatic and challenging painting series: Indulgence, Glory, Coincidence, etc. His works broke down the painting’s formal compositions, overturned the conventional metaphor of still-life images in paintings.

Every poem has a unique scene, and every painting generates different interpretations from the viewers. Pang Maokun’s Indulgence No. 4 seems to describe an image of which a skinny lady is drawing her eyebrows. The soft skin and the hard stone became a contrast and they created an intimate space that led to viewers’ reverie. Because this scene rarely happens in the real life, it dislocated our vision, time and space as painted on the same canvas. This illogical scene was spread into multiple meanings and reformed a new narrative to describe paintings. Obviously, a classic description of postmodernism dictates this spectacle-oriented expression, thus its inner logic is conflicting and contradictory based on our daily visual experience. There is no doubt that ‘gazing’ is a more powerful action than ‘observing’ since it reflects a highly sensitive insight and an in-depth concern to reality coming from the artist. The spectacle itself is no longer vital compared to the selection of the spectacle, however all spectacles rely on realism.

Gazing to his work is the key to inner self-examination, an introspection, but it is also an extrospection of exploration. Interestingly, Pang Maokun is focusing on the portrayal of a range women. From earlier work on Yi nationality’s women to later work on modern women, there is no doubt that women has taken a significant part of his work. Even there is an obvious alternation on different identity, this spiritual self-examination dominates his conception.-Yang Xiaoyan

Nowadays, information is booming our eyes with millions of images produced in a second. It has been a huge challenge for an artist to create a brand new experience to viewers. Whether they can experience the charm of art as the artist’s personal favor is also a great difficulty. The strong conflict and theatrical tension revealed on his work make us to rethink. It’s not hard to find that visual connection has been altered to beyond its physical explanation as the ideas and time are advancing.

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